Creative Christmas Tree Ideas

by Lydia Makepeace

I’ve been scrounging around the web for creative Christmas tree ideas, not only because I live in an apartment with a crafty cat and a ginormous dog whose tail unwittingly has a tendency to topple anything in its wake, but also because I LOVE to see all of the many ways people creatively celebrate Christmas. Here I’ve collected five of my favorite DIY Christmas tree ideas. (Click the image credit below each photo for the full tutorials.)


This DIY Christmas tree is made of inexpensive foam board and tissue paper. When the holidays are over you can fold it up and store it to use next year. 

Washi tape is the besetest! All you need to create these simple wall Christmas trees are a couple rolls of coordinating washi tape. 

via  BRIT+CO

This charming handmade wall tree is made with thin pieces of balsa wood from the craft store and a little hot glue. Add some miniature clothespins and a garland and you have a card tree too. How cute and easy is that?!

via  swoon

via swoon

One of the things I love about alternative Christmas trees is the ability to be eco friendly too. This homemade tree can be created with recycled cardboard. It’s super simple to make and can be personalized however you like.

Crafting a creative Christmas tree can be a fun project for the kiddos too. This Christmas card tree is easily made with yarn and clear sticky hooks.

via  My Moppet

For even more ideas visit my Creative Christmas Trees board on Pinterest.

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