Fountain Pens for Sketching

Fountain Pens for Sketching |

One of my favorite new sketching tools is fountain pens. I've acquired two, but am looking for a reason to purchase a third…

Why do I find them so addicting? 

First, there’s that magic fountain pen glide as the ink flows across the page. Glorious!

Other reasons I love fountain pens:

  • They are capable of greater line variation than Micron pens
  • Reusable 
  • Can be filled with a variety of inks (You can even mix custom colors!)
  • Have nibs that improve with age, unlike felt tipped pens that quickly deteriorate with use

And whilst not the most important of criteria, fountain pens happen to be objects of beauty - something as artists we’re kind of inclined to appreciate ;)

My current fountain pen collection includes a Lamy Safari with fine point nib and a Green Sailor with a 55° fude nib.

Sketch created with Lamy Safari fountain pen

Sketch created with Lamy Safari fountain pen

Note the Green Sailor’s fude nib with its upturned tip. This bend in the nib allows for a gorgeous range of thin to thick lines, created by adjusting the angle of the pen. Just look at the line variety in the sketch below - all created with the Green Sailor!

Green Sailor Fountain Pen Sketch 

Green Sailor Fountain Pen Sketch 

Of all the reasons I love fountain pens, probably the best is that they make me excited to sketch. I find that I'm more confident, less fussy than I tend to be with a pencil. With ink, you just have to go for it, and fountain pens make that leap exhilarating!