How to Ship a Sticker

Sticker with Audre Lorde’s portrait peaks out of a floral patterned origami envelope adhered to a white board with silver sparkle washi tape.

Whilst conducting some exhaustive research in the search for a printer to make the fine art prints I recently added to my shop, I came across Sticker Mule - a company that makes custom stickers, buttons, magnets, and other branded materials. COOL. The prospect of seeing my artwork on vinyl stickers was irresistible. I selected an Audre Lorde quote painting for my first foray into stickers and within a week they arrived. I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw them. They turned out so beautifully and I immediately stuck one to the sketchbook I always carry with me for Urban Sketching.

I added them to my Etsy shop and sold one so quickly I scrambled to find suitable product packaging. Back in the studio closet I found some handmade cotton paper I’d forgotten about and made a square origami envelope to hold the sticker and a business card. Then I attached it to some foam core with silver sparkly washi tape and put it in a bubble mailer. I’m pretty proud of how it came together. 😌

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