My 2016 Highlights

Sooooo yeah, it’s been a rough year, not least because I’m one of the many women who has been sexually assaulted and harassed, and now live in a country where a man accused of assaulting at least a dozen women (and boasted about it) was just handed the nation's top job. After making my way through the 5 stages of grief I decided to put together a list of a few favorite 2016 moments.

My 2016 Highlights | Lydia Makepeace

Looking forward to 2017, I am determined to speak with courage, act with compassion, and fight passionately for what I hold dear. As an artist, I feel compelled to communicate visually. One of art's great callings is to hold a mirror to society, confront the status quo, expose injustice, challenge viewers to ponder an alternate perspective. Art can be a purveyor of what's best and beautiful in our world but that is not its only role. Art is powerful. Sometimes it must provoke. I can no longer stand idly by.