Studio Organization

6 Studio Organization Tips You’ll Actually Use

The start of a new year finds me in the midst of a deep cleaning frenzy. My clutter toleration threshold has been breached rendering my studio claustrophobic and my mind frazzled. Over the years I’ve developed the following organization tips and techniques for such times as this.

1. Work in sections.

Once my work table is cleared it stays cleared. I’m not allowed to clutter it right back up again when I go to organize the set of drawers beside it. I like to work my way around the room section by section and it’s encouraging to be able to see my progress.

2. Create trash and donation piles.

If I haven’t used it in a year it’s most likely time to say goodbye. Items that have no useable life left in them get pitched, the others donated to Goodwill. If there’s something I’m having a really hard time parting with I try to find a home for it with someone I know will put it to good use and love it well.

3. Give collections a limit.

I LOVE fabric but that love can lead to hoarding. To keep my fabric collection from taking over the studio closet, I limit the collection to what will fit into one crate. When the crate starts to overflow it’s time to do some weeding.

4. Keep a junk drawer.

Little things that lie around without a permanent home but are constantly cluttering any flat surface go in a junk drawer. When the drawer won’t open or shut I clean house. 

5. Conduct periodic sorts.

In addition to a yearly deep clean I tidy up after the completion of any major project. It’s a waste of time and energy to continually pack up materials in the midst of a project if I’m only going to get them back out again. But once a project’s finished I like to put everything back in it’s place and make room for a new creative mess.

6. Find your organizational style.

If you’re not a neat freak don’t try and force yourself to be one. Me, I’m more of an organized chaos sort of gal. The key is consistency.

In addition to the sanity that a well organized space provides, I often find that it creates space for new opportunities as well. I’m excited for the coming year!