2016 Vision Board

One of my favourite ways to focus and set goals for the year ahead is to create a vision board - a collage of images representing dreams, desires and needs. Vision boards have an uncanny ability to reveal the subconscious and this year's board was no exception.

Seemingly random images revealed overlapping themes when I researched their symbolism. 

Green - nature, health, renewal, growth

Blue - peace, tranquility, confidence, loyalty

Panda - gentleness, strength, solitude, balance, friendship, peace, good luck

Elephant - strength, patience, loyalty, wisdom, good luck

Swallow - loyalty, freedom, hope, home, travel


Having analyzed my vision board I plan to : 

  • incorporate more blues and greens into my surroundings that I might enjoy their calming and refreshing properties
  • make time for nature walks
  • eat more greens (pandas and elephants are both vegetarians!) 
  • stay true to my passions by weeding out or limiting activities that distract from what's most important to me
  • patiently put in the work so that when good fortune strikes I'm prepared to take advantage of new opportunities 
  • seek out adventure in new places


Grab a stack of magazines and make your own vision board!