Watercolor Travel Palette

Watercolor Travel Palette Paint List | LydiaMakepeace.com

I recently added some exciting new colors to my watercolor travel palette and I’m smitten. Paint colors and brands listed below. (I’ve also included pigment codes in case you’d like to try a color from an alternate brand.)

Brand Abbreviations - Winsor & Newton (WN), Schmincke (SCH), Daniel Smith (DS)

Watercolor Travel Palette : 10.16.16

  • WN Gold Ochre (PY42)
  • SCH Translucent Orange (PO71)
  • WN Permanent Rose (PV19)
  • WN Winsor Green Blue Shade (PG7)
  • WN French Ultramarine (PB29)
  • WN Cerulean Blue (PB35)
  • WN Indigo (PBk6, PV19, PB15)
  • WN Winsor Violet (PV23)
  • DS Pyrrol Scarlet (PR255)
  • DS Green Gold (PY150, PY3, PG36)
  • WN Winsor Green Yellow Shade (PG36)
  • WN Winsor Blue Green Shade (PB15)
  • WN Burnt Sienna (PR101)
  • WN Winsor Yellow (PY154)