Process of a Painting: Brooch Bouquet

Purple Brooch Bouquet | Custom Watercolor Portrait by Lydia Makepeace

I painted my first brooch bouquet recently and I’m pretty proud! Brooch bouquets have become a unique wedding trend in the past couple of years and can be a meaningful way to incorporate vintage costume jewelry from family members. I learned a lot from the process and thought I’d share my approach to painting this challenging portrait.


Because of the bouquet’s intricate details I decided to use a light pad to make a tracing from the photo onto watercolor paper.

Next I painted all of the darkest details. The key to painting something that sparkles is to emphasize the contrast between light and dark. It was a total paint by numbers situation during this stage!


Adding middle tones.


Adding additional transparent layers to create rich darks. I love how the giant gem at the bottom of the bouquet really starts to make the painting pop!


Laying in the first layer of the background.


Applying a second layer to the background and fine tuning all the details.

Purple Brooch Bouquet | Custom Watercolor Painting by Lydia Makepeace

A high quality scan of the finished painting. Drool!

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