I’m in Love With a Planner: the Hobonichi Techo Planner


Desiring to start the year off organized, I eagerly purchased the Hobonichi Techo Planner. The Hobonichi Techo is a Japanese planner that has gained a worldwide fanbase since its creation in 2002. Some features I adore:

  • Portable A6 size
  • One day per page format
  • Graph paper design
  • Fountain pen friendly, bleed-resistant, strong wafer thin Tomoe River paper
  • Thoughtful array of beautiful accessories

What follows is a quick overview and first impressions of the planner and additional accessories I just couldn’t resist. Stay tuned for an in-depth review once I’ve had some quality time with this little lovely.


An adorable booklet that comes with the Hobonichi illustrating the many ways people use this versatile planner/diary/art journal.


Loving the portable size and texture. The cover is quite sturdy and the rounded corners help prevent bent edges.


Excited to have a collection of these all lined up in chronological order!

Printed edges allow for quick flipping to current month.

Sundays are marked in red.


The thin Tomoe River paper allows a full page per day while still keeping the planner compact.

Pen clip accessory with my Lamy Safari fountain pen.

Pencil board you can slip in between pages to create a firmer writing surface. Also includes a ruler along one edge.

For some reason, perhaps its name, I had hoped that the pencil board would actually be a thin piece of wood. In reality its more like a thick piece of card-stock. Despite my initial disappointment, I’m finding the pencil board more useful than I anticipated.

You can also use the pencil board as a bookmark.

Three ribbon rivet bookmark.

How have I managed to miss these all this time? I’m an infamous dog-earer of page corners much to my husband’s horror. Book darts are kind of a cross between bookmarks and paperclips.

Book darts can be an awesome way to mark a specific line of text instead of highlighting or underlining. 


Book darts are wonderfully thin and unobtrusive.


Hobonichi planners come with exclusive extras each year. This year I received a refillable 3 color ballpoint pen (which was quickly snatched up by my husband to use as his new work pen) and the “meal decider” dice below. 


Welcome booklet that offers a brief history and quick guide to using your new planner.

I found the last two pages of the welcome guide, written by the Hobonichi Techo creator, especially meaningful.


Helpful video demonstrating how to use the Hobonichi HERE

Where to purchase:

US stockest - Jet Pens

Full range of planners and accessories (Japan) - Hobonichi Techo