The 100 Day Project: Week 2

I Find My Groove

Last week was tough but this week I was able to be less critical, enjoy the process and develop a routine. I discovered that if I do it first thing in the morning I have fewer excuses and avoid being too tired before bedtime. You’ll notice that I have a favourite striped cardigan ;)

I’m loving sharing the process with others. It’s been fun to be silly and use everyday objects to create my masks. I’d written down a list of ideas before beginning this project, in case I had a day where I struggled, but on many days I simply happen upon an object and play around till I figure out how to use it as a disguise. 

I’ve always been self conscious about having my picture taken, so being able to disguise myself a bit helps me feel more comfortable. The masks have been an insightful look at how I create masks in other areas of my life as well. It’s easy to “airbrush” or “photoshop” my life on social media to make it appear like I have my shit together. I find it interesting how the masks in this 100 day project disguise and reveal at the same time. As the series develops you begin to learn a little about my silly side, interests and love of colour.

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