The 100 Day Project: Week 9

Good gracious, it’s time to do the dishes!

It’s been another incredibly busy week. Every time I finish one project another pops up...My custom watercolor wedding paintings have taken off just in time for wedding season. It is a joy to create something so meaningful that I know will be treasured for years to come.

Whilst I was busy in the studio however, the dishes were busy piling themselves up in the sink, the hamper was hurriedly consuming every pair of underwear and the carpet was gleefully gathering pet hair. It was the lack of a clean bowl for my nightly ice cream meal that finally put my predicament into perspective.

I will come clean about my dirty secret, (my apologies, the puns could not be avoided) household chores are very VERY low on my list of priorities (that is, if they're lucky enough to make the list). I’m starting to see these pesky chores in a new light though. 

When clutter, dishes and laundry reach a tipping point they start to clutter my mind and cause additional stress. Doing household chores clears literal and mental space for creative projects. Chores can also be a great way to rest my mind, as I discovered in an interesting article a friend recently shared with me called, The Benefits of Doing Nothing.

All this to say, I’ve decided to start putting chores on my calendar alongside the deadlines for creative projects. That and thanking my husband on a daily basis for so often picking up my slack. Who needs flowers and chocolates when your man will do the dishes and laundry?!

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