Deals, Design & Determination

Futuristic Business Cards

My favorite printer MOO just took business cards to a whole new level with the release of NFC (Near Field Communication) embedded cards. With the tap of an NFC enabled smartphone clients are instantly directed to your website, portfolio, or social media account. 

Affordable Design Programs

Looking for design software without a costly subscription? Meet Affinity Designer, my new favorite design program. It’s 20% off on the Mac App Store, now through October 20th, and worth every penny. If you’re on the hunt for a Photoshop alternative, Affinity Photo is a great deal too!

Waterbrush Calligraphy

I had fun and tried my hand at waterbrush calligraphy this week with the help of a tutorial on Every Tuesday.



As someone who sometimes longs for the idyllic life depicted in an Instagram feed, I was incredibly moved by the determination of stylist Ruthie Lindsey to find beauty despite chronic pain, as revealed in an interview on The Great Discontent