Lincoln & Extraordinary Women


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"The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality...” - Andrew Solomon

I mentioned last week that I’m addicted to podcasts. Well, I’m also addicted to Ted Talks and this talk by Andrew Solomon is the funniest, most articulate description of depression I’ve come across. Get ready for some dark humor, my favorite kind!

A Depressed President and a Creative Woman

One of our greatest presidents, whose battle with depression is well known, is the subject of a beautiful documentary from HBO - Living With Lincoln, which “chronicles how five generations of one American family have shared the ‘glorious burden' of collecting, preserving and documenting a vital archive relating to Abraham Lincoln.” 

The true star of this documentary for me was director Peter Kunhardt’s grandmother, Dorothy Kunhardt, who not only contributed to the archive but also supported her family during the Great Depression by writing children’s books including, Pat the Bunny, the first interactive children's book. Dorothy was a wildly creative woman who also suffered from bouts of depression but found solace and strength in her creative endeavors. She’s become my newest hero!

A Talented Woman and Alzheimer's

This past week I was enraged by the dismissive and ignorant comments made by women on ABC’s The View about a monologue delivered by Miss Colorado during the Miss America pageant. As the wife of a nurse with many relatives in the nursing field I understand how vital they are to the backbone of our healthcare system. In addition, I was incensed by the demeaning treatment directed at a woman by women. As women we are also to blame for the treatment of our own gender. Let us not carelessly undermine the equality we seek.

In a pageant full of shallow criteria I applaud Miss Colorado for confidently sharing her talent of  compassion and patience in the face of Alzheimer’s. She is to be applauded for pursuing her passion.

Alzheimer’s and Music

Alzheimer’s affects 5 million Americans and poses heartbreaking challenges for their many caregivers. It isolates those afflicted and robs loved ones of the person they once new. 

Alive Inside: A story of Music and Memory depicts the promising magic of music to reconnect and animate those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This documentary brings such joy and hope!