Read, Watch, Obsess

I’m a lifelong lover of books and wherever there are books I am home. Since starting a business and pursuing my art professionally though I haven’t read much besides business blogs and how to articles. So when my husband Ryan and I took a vacation to see family in New Orleans I decided to treat myself to a good old fashioned, smell the pages, book. I consulted my reading list (Pinterest board) and selected Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. I finished it earlier this week and it still has me thinking about the give and take relationship of marriage through thick and thin. Excellent review HERE

Call me stupid and lazy. Or tell me my brain is rotting from watching too much tv. But DON’T you dare take away my Netflix. Growing up I liked to imagine what it would be like to have a twin. Twinsters is the true life story of identical twins who discover the twin they never new existed via YouTube. It’s a beautiful story about love and family. Check it out on iTunes and Netflix

I’ve been saving up for a professional camera and thought I’d made my final decision...until I discovered - Leicas. I’m obsessed. Hello gorgeous!!! My obsession has been perfectly timed with the release of the new Lecia M Typ 262. Anybody wanna lend (*cough* gift) me $5,200?